September 16 2020

Feature of the Month: Vehicle Logbook

Put yourself in the best possible position to claim tax deductions on car expenses by keeping a vehicle logbook! Everyone who uses their own car for work purposes need to pay attention.

September 14 2020

Make Sure You Pay Attention To Your Financial Health!

"Whether we are conscious about it or not, financial health plays a huge part in our lives. It affects our mental health and overall happiness, so we need to make sure we stay on top of it!" - Ben Crow

August 13 2020

Feature of the Month: Goal Setting

In life it is very important to set goals for yourself to give you something to work towards and to stay motivated. When it comes to personal finances, this is no different and there are a number of goals you can set to stay ...

August 13 2020

Introducing Moneymgmt

We are changing our name and wanted you to know first!After almost three years as WLTH Finance Tracker, we are rolling out 'A Fresh New Look' but it will still be the 'Same Way To Simplify Your Finances!'Many brands have ...