5 Free Apps For Frugal Individuals

February 08 2021

"Saving money is a skill that anyone can learn. However, there are a few apps that can give you an edge and help you keep frugal for that extra buck." - Marco Zande, Strategy Executive

If your New Year’s resolution was to spend less or save more money, you’re not alone.

Here are five free apps to help make your dollar stretch further.

ATO app

Trying to find all your receipts for work-related expenses can be a nightmare come tax-time and it’s inevitable that you’ll forget something that you could have claimed.

The ATO app allows you to record your tax-related information such as deductions on the go. 

You can upload all your expenses to the online MyTax portal to complete your tax return online or email your deductions to your tax agent.

Platform: iOS, GooglePlay

Savings tip: Take a photo of your receipts as soon as you make a work-related purchase and upload them as you go. 

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If you love online shopping, then ShopBack can help your dollar go even further.

The app gives you access to deals and coupons from more than 1000 online retailers including Woolworths, Target, Menulog, ASOS and Booking.com.

You can also recoup part of the money spent through ShopBack via the Cashback program which is automatically credited to your ShopBack account.  

Platform: iOS, GooglePlay, Huawei App Gallery

Savings tip: Look out for “Bonusback” offers for extra Cashback.

RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app

Fuel can take up a fair chunk of your budget but you’ll never pay top dollar again with the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app.

Based on your location, the app automatically compares prices across multiple retailers in the immediate and surrounding areas. If you’re away from home, use the “Get directions” feature which links to Google Maps to take you to your selected retailer.

Platform: iOS, GooglePlay

Savings tip: Set up notifications so you’ll always know the best time to fill up.


Eating out is often one of the first expenses to be cut when you’re on a budget but EatClub can make dining out or takeaway affordable. 

Deals are uploaded each day and you simply claim the deal in the app and book your table. Then just show your voucher to restaurant when you arrive to claim your deal.

Platform: iOS, GooglePlay

Savings tip: Last-minute bookings often get the best deal.

Half Price: Grocery Deals

Half Price lists items that are 50% or more off at Coles or Woolworths each week.

Price lists are updated each Wednesday and include Liquorland and BWS specials.

Platform: iOS and GooglePlay

Savings tip: Create a favourites list in the app to notified when certain items are on special.

Bonus: Moneymgmt

Never struggle to keep a budget again with the Moneymgmt app and web-based platform.

Securely connect all of your bank accounts into the read-only platform so it can automatically categorise all your transactions into customisable buckets. You can then review if you've spent too much on a particular expense category and try to cut down.

Get full control all of your personal finances by tracking all your assets and liabilities like cars, shares or home loans in an all-encompassing location.

Platform: iOS, GooglePlay

Savings tip: Create personalised budgets and goals so you can visually track your progress and save money.

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Source: RACQ

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