Company of the Week: Hyperwallet

August 08 2019

Hyperwallet is a payment platform that aims to provide organisations with a fast, efficient and transparent way to distribute funds to payees almost anywhere in the world. 

The company was acquired by PayPal for $400 million USD back in 2018. Backed by an innovative and experienced team in the Fintech industry, the ecommerce platform is trusted to pay over 5 million independent workers globally.

Flexibility is key for its users. The company provides a portal, card or direct payment option, depending on the needs of the payers. On the flipside, it also maintains the possibility for payees to decide where, when and how they want to get paid. Hyperwallet is a single integration tool to keep your sellers, vendors, and freelancers happy. Getting paid seamlessly and on time is an important foundation to form these lasting relationships with partners around the world.

The company recently announced on July 10, 2019 that they are handling outbound payments on behalf of Lime, a global scooter rental platform present in over 100 cities around the world. As our world continues to advance with boundless, global companies, we expect to hear a lot more about HyperWallet - a deserving Company of the Week!