Feature of the Month: Electronic Document Signing

November 23 2020

Digital signatures are now more commonly accepted than ever before in Australia. Due to Covid-19 and the changes that have come with it, more and more industries are now accepting e-signatures on legal documents. Moneymgmt makes it easy for your financial professionals to be able to send you documents to sign and streamlines what has always been a difficult process.

If you have been sent a document  from a member of your team, you will have to log into your Moneymgmt platform either via the app or web version. Once you have logged in, a notification will appear on the top right side of the platform. After you click through, all the documents that need your signature will appear.

Throughout the document, there will be blue boxes highlighting ‘Sign’ where you are required to sign. After you click through, you will see a ‘Signed by…’. Click on ‘Next’ on the top of the platform to navigate to other signing areas.

Once all signatures have been accepted, the system will prompt you to confirm your signatures. Once processed, the system will display a ‘Signature successfully added’ dialog box. Click ‘Next’ to finish the signing process.

The team member that sent the document, will then be notified by email that you have signed the documents. Its nice and easy and allows your do do so from the comfort of your own home or office!

Once they have been signed and completed, you will now be able to view these documents in the 'Documents' section of your Moneymgmt platform.

Electronic Document signing is just one of the ways that Moneymgmt makes it easy to manage all of your finances in one central location. 

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