Feature of the Month: Live Data Feeds

October 23 2020

Moneymgmt provides users with access to live data feeds through a variety of secure and reliable third-party integrations. These feeds ensure data is accurately delivered in a timely manner to gives users a clear understanding of their personal finances. 

Through Yodlee, MGMT Plus users have access to data feeds for all financial institutions. Thanks to these feeds it makes it easy for anyone to track their bank feeds and super information, so users can get a clear snapshot of their overall position. These feeds simplify budgeting, categorisation of spending and tax tagging for our users thanks to the feeds automatically updating.

When a property address is entered into the platform, our Corelogic feed estimates the value. It enables users to track their property portfolio performance to track the value of their investments as part of their networth.

Similarly, valuations from Redbook allow users to accurately value their motor vehicles. Different factors such as the make, model, year and variant are taken into account to reflect the value as part of the users overall net position.

To get access to all these data feeds and to simplify the way you manage your personal finances upgrade to a MGMT Plus account today and unlock the full potential of the platform.

If you haven't downloaded the Moneymgmt app yet, it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store!