Feature of the Month: Securely Store Important Data

April 25 2021

Technological advancement through the years have decreased our total usage of paper around the world. Important documents such as contracts, rental agreements, wills, identification documents and many more can all take the digital form.

The Moneymgmt platform is the perfect tool to securely store all these important digital files. Any document specific to a particular asset or liability can be entered through the Wealth section. Select the item then click the documents tab then ‘Add document’.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 3.43.11 pm

The platform will prompt you to choose the file you want to upload! Download the Moneymgmt app on your mobile phone so you are never caught off-guard without your documents. You always have access to a digital copy at your fingertips!

To access the documents you’ve uploaded, simply go back to the asset or liability you saved it under. Alternatively, the documents section of your Moneymgmt platform also contains all the documents you’ve input into the account. This section can also be used to upload general documents that don't relate to a specific asset or liability i.e. passport. You can use this feature anyway you want. It can even be used to record any tax exemptions you want to claim at the end of the financial year - saving you tons of time and stress.

Want to know more about Moneymgmt? Visit our support page!

Each month, we will include a new feature to assist you to get the most out of your Moneymgmt platform.

If you haven't downloaded the Moneymgmt app yet, it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store!