October 19 2021

How Millennials Are Investing Their Money

"Technology innovations have radically democratised investing, making it more transparent and easier to engage with. This article can help you understand a new approach to investing." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

October 08 2021

Saving Strategies That Actually Work

"Financial pressure can take its toll on a person which can lead to poor health and difficulties at home. These saving strategies can help you save more and stress less." - Jessica MacDonald, Communications Specialist 

September 28 2021

4 Ways to Make Your Finances Greener

'The world is putting more emphasis on more sustainable means - this article may be helpful to turn your finances greener' - Jessica MacDonald, Communications Specialist 

September 07 2021

Spring Clean Your Personal Finances

"It's good practice to review your finances every so often to see where you are tracking." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager

August 31 2021

The Top Regret Australians Have About Their Finances

"We usually only regret the things we didn't do rather than what we actually did. Start thinking about your finances early and create a plan for the future." - Miguel Nitorreda, Data Analyst

August 24 2021

Can BNPL Platforms Affect Your Chances For A Loan?

"It's not always easy to determine what factors affect your chances for a mortgage. The Co-founder of WLTH talks about the implications of BNPL." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager.

August 17 2021

6 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money

"Unfortunately, personal finance is not always a focus in our education system so it's mostly up to the parents to at least get their children started." - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer