October 24 2019

Podcast of the Week: Equity Mates

Started by good mates, Bryce and Alec, Equity Mates is a stock market investing podcast great with covering the basics. They try to make content about financial information as easily accessible and understandable as possible – ...

FoW_ Setting a Budget-2

October 24 2019

Feature of the Week: Document Storage

Technological advancement through the years have decreased our total usage of paper around the world. Important documents such as contracts, rental agreements, wills, identification documents and many more can all take the ...

expense reporting (1)

October 17 2019

Feature of the Week: Customised Cashflow Reporting

One of the most powerful tools in the WLTH platform is its ability to track your day-to-day transactions from any connected bank account. The platform automatically groups the income and expenses into commonly-used categories ...


October 17 2019

Top 10 Women in Fintech

FinTech Magazine takes a look at Forbes’ ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’  ranking to compile a list of the top ten women in the fintech sector.


October 17 2019

Airbnb to Hand Over Letting Details to ATO

“AirBnB will be handing over your letting details to the ATO. There is no hiding from the extra taxable income you are generating through your short-term rental property. Tax depreciation on the property is the main tool used ...