August 24 2021

Can BNPL Platforms Affect Your Chances For A Loan?

"It's not always easy to determine what factors affect your chances for a mortgage. The Co-founder of WLTH talks about the implications of BNPL." - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager.

August 17 2021

6 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money

"Unfortunately, personal finance is not always a focus in our education system so it's mostly up to the parents to at least get their children started." - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer

August 03 2021

13 Ways To Reduce Tax

"Tax is an unavoidable fact of life, but there are many ways you can reduce it." - Miguel Nitorreda, Data Analyst Article written by Ken Raiss at Property Update. The end of the financial year can sneak up on you, can’t ...

July 27 2021

6 Ways To Avoid Lifestyle Creep

"Progressing your income is a huge step towards achieving your financial goals, but succumbing to lifestyle creep can stop you in your tracks." - Ben Crow, Chief Operating Officer

July 06 2021

6 Ways To Save Money During Challenging Times

"There is little reason to stay loyal to different service providers anymore if they can't save you money!" - Jesse Lee, Digital Product Manager Article written by Ava Crawford at Mozo Mozo has crunched the numbers and come ...