April 26 2018

Fintech Numbers Causing a Revolution

According to sources at disruptive Real Estate platform Next Address, the implementation of Fintech equity crowdfunding has sent their chatbots into overdrive with record enquiries and investors jumping on board.


April 20 2018

Fintechs Hit Back on call for Open Banking Delay

The fintech industry has hit back at the Australian Banking Association's suggestion that lending products and credit cards be held back from the first phase of "open banking", arguing this is merely a delaying tactic to ...


April 19 2018

Fintech Adoption Speeds up in Australia

Australia is growing faster than most of the global markets and is now outplacing the US in terms of fintech adoption, says Noah Breslow, the chief executive of US online SME lending company OnDeck Capital, which has delivered ...

February 19 2018

Robo advice won’t rule the world

For all the hype and noise around ‘robo advice’ propositions, I’m a great believer in walking the walk, especially if you’re going to talk the talk about how your proposition is a ‘game changer’, ‘revolutionary’ and that it’s ...