February 06 2018

7 exciting tech trends coming in 2018

2017 was an incredibly disruptive year for technology, as the world saw the release of game-changing new smartphones and the explosion of cryptocurrency.

February 06 2018

Australian Fintech, Forecast for 2020

It's very exciting to see the projections for 2020 in the Australian Fintech space. There is a lot happening and there will be a lot of industry growth

January 24 2018

How Advisors Can Outthink Robots

As the learning capability of machines continues to improve, advisors are increasingly finding themselves outmaneuvered by robos. These digital advisors are particularly appealing to millennials, who now represent close to half ...

November 27 2017

Fintech Is Not A Threat: FPA

Financial planners overlooking fintech are missing out on benefits that can ultimately lead to higher client engagement and satisfaction levels, latest research from the Financial Planning Association of Australia shows.

November 20 2017

China and Australia Ink Fintech Deal

With so much going on in the Australian Fintech space it is a very exciting time to be part of the growing industry here in Australia.

November 17 2017

Biggest Winners From FinTech Are Customers

The biggest winners from fintech are the customers as it revolutionalises customer engagement and removes institutional, bureaucratic impediments, according to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison.

November 16 2017

WLTH Presents Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

On Sunday October 29, WLTH were proud to present Seth Stephens-Davidowitz in his highly insightful and thought provoking keynote, ‘What Google can tell us about who we really are: a window into the human psyche’.