Person of the Week: Patrick Collison, Stripe

August 22 2019

The Person of the Week features Patrick Collison, the CEO and Co-Founder of Stripe!

Patrick and his brother John first developed the idea of Stripe back in their university days at MIT. It was 2010, and despite the advances in technology at the time, they both realised how difficult it was to set up an online business. Stripe builds economic infrastructure for the internet - specifically to allow businesses of every size to accept payments and manage their business online. Stripe empowers millions of online businesses around the world. As of September 2018, the company is valued at $20.25 billion USD.

Patrick was no stranger to success even as a child. He began his journey into tech and coding at the early age of 10. This lead him to receive the 41st Young Scientist of the Year at the age of 16 for his work with the programming language, Lisp. Subsequently, he has held pivotal roles in Auctomatic, Y Combinator and Live Current Media. All this before Patrick was 20 years old. Phenomenal!

Patrick Collison is a very worthy person of the week!