Podcast: ‘How to Buy Your Time Back'

June 24 2020

Following on from Episode One last week on the Get Invested Podcast, our Co-Founder, Brodie Haupt continued his conversation with Bushy Martin, this week diving deeper into 'How to buy your time back'.

In this episode, Brodie and Bushy discuss time management, different apps they use and how to make the most of the time you have in the day. They dive deeper into their daily routines and discuss how their routines help to improve their performance throughout the day. 

This is another great discussion, looking into how they both work towards their goals, as well as discussing what the future holds and some of the changes on the horizon.

Click here to Listen to Episode 2: HOW TO BUY YOUR TIME BACK’

Incase you missed the episode last week, you can find it here: 'WHY TIME IS KEY TO SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS’

Thanks again to Bushy Martin for including Brodie as one of your guests! 

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