Podcast of the Week: Wharton FinTech

November 26 2019

We are proud to present the student-led Wharton FinTech as our Podcast of the Week!

The Wharton FinTech Podcast discusses the trends, topics and ideas that are reshaping financial services globally. It features founders, investors, students and thinkers from the world of FinTech with unique perspectives. This podcast is produced by Wharton FinTech, the first student-led FinTech initiative committed to education, career development and idea generation by connecting proven FinTech enterprises with students and industry professionals.

The organisation aims to promote FinTech by embracing innovation, providing education and facilitating thought leadership within the Wharton Community and beyond.

Join some of the smartest young minds of Wharton FinTech, our Podcast of the Week!