Super Charge Productivity By Staying Organised!

September 22 2020

Written by Miguel Nitorreda

Organisation is a key life skill that you can find amongst many successful people. Important information is thrown at us constantly whether it is for work, or our own life, or our personal finances. We simply can't rely on our memory to remember it all. Whether it comes second nature to you, a conscious habit, or still a work in progress, keeping organised is guaranteed to revolutionise your life. 

Here are a few benefits of keeping organised, as well as some tips on how to utilise all your documents as tools of efficiency rather than an ever-growing source of stress!

Benefits of keeping organised:

Increase Productivity

Have you ever spent precious moments of your work day trying to find a document you've worked on previously? Or even worse, completely have to redo something you worked hard on over a year ago? Organisation reduces all these problems and lets you focus more of your time and energy on important tasks. It even improves the flow of communication in your team as the lag time waiting for deliverables is eliminated!

Reduce Stress

If you're in a fast-paced job requiring quick results, an unexpected request from your boss to send through an old file can ruin your entire day if you can't find it! Having a consistent labelling system gives you confidence looking for any file in your possession.

In addition, tax time in particular proves to be an especially daunting period as people scramble to collate receipts they want to claim as a deduction. Make the habit of storing all these receipts in a central location so you know where to find them when the time comes.

Don't wait until the end of financial year to get your tax in order! Use the document storage feature in Moneymgmt to keep track of any receipts you want to claim.

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Meet Deadlines

Superb organisation habits usually translates to punctuality. Organisation buys us arguably life's most important resource - time. With a well-oiled system, you can consistently meet all your deadlines with ease.

There is no universal system that we can recommend to you. Everyone has their own unique method to maintain sanity in the workplace. With that being said, here are a few tips to begin a more organised life.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use a cloud-based storage system.

Aside from putting more stress on the environment, maintaining a physical filing cabinet is a highly inefficient way to store your important information. Paper documents are extremely fragile mediums that can be easily lost or destroyed. Using a cloud-based storage system lets you access your files anywhere in the world that has access to the internet with the peace of mind knowing it can't be burned down by a fire. Not to mention an easy search function that can find files with a click of a button.

2. Get rid of all the clutter.

While some paperwork is essential, determine which files you no longer need, shred them, and upload everything else to the cloud. Keep vital information only. When it comes to organisation, less is often more!

3. Share important information to relevant team members.

Most companies these days would have a shared drive where everyone can access certain information. Sharing files with the appropriate label simply makes it easier for the entire team. Those given permission can sort by client/customer, project, date, folders etc. so less people badger you about where a certain file can be found. If the entire organisation can commit to a certain standard, then collaboration and teamwork can really shine.

Grant specific permissions to your team of professionals so they see only what they need to. Moneymgmt encourages collaboration between you and your team without sacrificing your privacy.

4. Up-date your calendar.

As mentioned earlier, time is an extremely valuable resource. Every second of your 24 hour day is important, so keep it organised by using your calendar. Avoid being late or double-booked by keeping an up-to-date calendar that you can share with your team and family members!

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Hopefully the reasons outlined above have motivated you to start getting organised, if you haven't done so already. Make it a lasting habit today to reap a lifetime of benefits in the future!