WLTH announces IWG as a WLTH Approved Firm

September 02 2017

Navigating the investment roadmap often calls for a financial adviser – someone with the tools to sift through the clutter of a market flooded by information.

It isn’t always easy to find a great independent advisor like IWG (Inception Wealth Group), and we all know it can often be an arduous and costly task to find an advisor not completely driven by commissions.

In 2017, rapid advances in technology have completely transformed investor behaviour – with many individuals opting to actively manage their own portfolios.

Whilst some may still consult a licensed financial advisor for their broader investment strategy, investors are developing a greater trust for online investment advice systems to take control of their investment future.

IWG break down everything you need to know about Robo-advice, Fintech and automated investment advice below.

Self-aware investors adopt Robo-advice

Technology is continuing to transform the investment landscape, but so too are investors – who are becoming more educated and aware of their own investment needs.

Data released in the 2017 ASX Australian Investor Study shows that 60% of Australians, or 11.2 million people, hold investments outside of their institutional superannuation fund. The same study found that nearly 7 million Australians hold investments available through a financial exchange.

Additional research suggests that the number of Australians wanting to establish their own super fund is set to rise. ASX data shows 30% of those Australian’s that do not currently have a SMSF, plan to set one up in the future.

With more than $600 billion of investment capital held inside SMSFs, the figure is expected to grow exponentially.

In this space, self-directed investors are gravitating towards Fintech platforms that offer more than basic financial information and simple calculators.

They are seeking sophisticated services that allow them calculate and measure their specific asset allocations, assess their overall financial health and provide detailed wealth management and investment content to make informed financial decisions.

Whether it’s stock recommendations, research on the go, or the ability to create company watch lists – investors want alerts and information straight to their devices.

In effect the new era of automated investment advice is a combination of financial algorithms and human financial support – an amalgamation that is enabling investors to tap into the financial tools and investment information they need at the click of a button!

Managing a portfolio in the digital world

It’s 2017 – the days of paper statements and expensive advisors are gone!

Keeping track of your investments and performance is now easier than ever – with online platforms that provide relevant information and specific content based on your investments and preferences.

It’s as simple as entering portfolio details and providing your investment goals! Access an online dashboard, or Fintech App, to instantly compare investments against recommended asset allocations.

See profit and loss positions on individual holdings, and quickly gauge the financial health of your portfolio by assessing whether it’s sufficiently diversified.

A quick assessment can garner whether you’re overexposed to one asset class or underexposed to another – empowering investors to be more active in their portfolio management, and rebalance as required based on their individual risk profile.

This new technology allows investors to identify portfolio weaknesses and plug the gaps, diverting other capital into weak spots.

Investors are also embracing these portfolio management technologies to build their own expertise, with a variety of tools that help build a clear picture their investment performance.

More than ever, investors want to be educated – with an interest in financial products and wealth management strategies that can help deliver enhanced returns. With an abundance of financial information available, investors are using their thirst for knowledge and leveraging content to stay in touch with market developments and how this effects their investment holdings.

What are investors really seeking?

People are more engaged with their finances than ever before.

They’re seeking control, transparency, and access to all the information required to make the best possible investment decisions – even better if it’s all in one place within a trusted platform.

New digital technologies are filling a gap in the investment void, and investors are actively engaging with these platforms in an attempt to gain greater financial control.

Over the coming years investors can expect some significant advances in these financial technologies, making the future for self-directed investors an exciting one.

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